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Welcome to Money Thoughts

We spend over a third of our typical day earning it, many of our life decisions are impacted by it, we are deeply unhappy when we feel we don’t have enough to meet our needs….. yet we don’t seem to want to talk about it enough. Yes, I’m talking about Money. The reality is we all have Money Thoughts, whether we care to admit it or not

My name is Bemi and I’m here to share ideas and thoughts about money as a tool to optimise life. Having started my personal finance journey from a position of HOMELESSNESS aged 18, I’ve learned to exercise my ‘money thoughts muscle‘ gradually gaining proficiency in matters of personal finance through education (books, friends, mentors, courses and experience (trial and error).


This blog aims to cover a variety of personal finance topics including Financial Independence, Saving, Investing in Property, Investing in the Stock Market, Strategic Planning for the Future, Side Hustles, Career Development, Money Mindset, Insurance, Pensions,

This is the information age and therefore much of the information presented in this blog is readily available by googling. However, what I’ll be trying to do is contextualise the information into IDEAS, which when backed with Consistent ACTION are likely to yield desired results. Ask anyone how to lose weight and they’d probably say it is simple: “just eat less and exercise more”. Yet, despite the wealth of information out there, the UK is still in the grip of a growing obesity crisis. Similarly, the information needed to be financially comfortable or financially free is relatively ‘SIMPLE’, but the implementation can be incredibly difficult. For each post, I’ll do my best to leverage mine and others’ experience in having clear and actionable steps that will help turn your money thoughts into action.

This is iteration 1 of the blog. Depending on how useful people find the content of this blog, the plan is to increase my time commitment and expand the service offering. I’m new to blogging and I’m still learning the techy and non-techy bits. Please bear with me if you spot things requiring improvement – these will all get better as I become more experienced in blogging.

One final note before you dive in. It should be obvious, but I’m obliged to point out that Money Thoughts (this blog) does not offer financial advice and is meant for general educational purposes only. By proceeding, you acknowledge that you are using this site entirely at your own risk. I actively encourage you to carry out your own research and seek professional advice if you need to.





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